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micromega Aria AIRDream

1299 EUR / In stock.

This WHiFi© player is "new" and the AirDream module has been completely re-engineered. All four main sections, power supply, master clock, digital to analog converter and analog output have been redesigned. First of all, the chassis is now build from non-magnetic aluminum.

The power supply is separated in 2 sections: The digital supply is based on a specifi c r-core transformer, the analog supply is an ACTS© type. The D/A converter is completely new and do not use the airport D/A converter anymore. The new D/A chip is a CS4351 Cirrus Logic followed by discrete pure classA Jfet buffers, all producing less than -100dB distortion from 20Hz – 20kHz.

Dynamic range is exceptional; transparency and realism are key words to describe the sonic quality of this new ARIA. The front panel is backlighted with white leds logos for the highest readability. ARIA is equipped with balanced and unbalanced audio analog outputs, both type using state of the art connectors. AES/EBU digital out is provided. The case work is available in two colors silver or black, is superb and the build quality is to the highest standards.

Der ultimative Musikspieler “ARIA Airdream” zeigt das musikalsch machbare bei audiophilen Netzwerkplayern.
Wie sein kleiner Bruder der Airstream WM-10 auch ist der Signaltransfer kabellos, die B
edienung ist mit iPod Touch, iPhone oder iPad kinderleicht.
Der ARIA Airdream ist kein überarbeiteter WM-10, sondern eine komplette Neukonstruktion in limitierter Auflage, Das
“Airdream-Modul” bietet dabei technische Perfektion und die akribisch abgestimmte Master Clock, der Präzisions-DA-Wandler,
feinste analoge Ausgangsstufen und die für alle Bereiche getrennt ausgeführten Netzteile vervollkommnen den ARIA Airdream.
Die überragende Performance macht ihn zum absoluten Highend-Juwel und begehrtesten Musikplayer für den Musikliebhaber.

Audio File Formate
AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, WMA, WAV
WLAN Frequenzbereich
2,4 or 5 GHz 802.11n
AIRDREAM Eigenschaften:
Sample rate
16Bits / 44.1 kHz (iTunes-Begrenzung)
Frequenzbereich (± 0.5dB)
0Hz – 20kHz
Linearität at -90dB
Signal to Noise ratio
-100dB to 1kHz
Dynamikumfang >110dB to 1kHz
Stereo Cinch (RCA)
Ouput level
2V rms
< 600
Stereo XLR
XLR Ouput level
2V rms
Balanced output impedance
< 600
AES/EBU Digital Output
AES/EBU output level
3V p-p
AES/EBU output impedance
Netzfrequenz 50Hz-60Hz
Stromverbrauch (max)
50 W
Maße (mm)
BxHxT 330 x 70 x330