FiiO KA17

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FiiO KA17 

Flagship dongle - Strong desktop mode with 650mW+650mW power 
Fully unleashed power, can drive most IEMs and headphones easily 
Dual ES9069Q flagship DACs 
Fourth generation 32-bit HyperStream technology, significantly improved sound 
Ten-stage high-precision PEQ 
More customisation options to better suit personal taste, more suitable for more people 
XMOS XU316 with 16 cores 
Lower latency, better stability, Greater compatibility 
Multi-stage balanced THX AAA 78+ headphone amplifier 
New design, better performance, more realistic and natural sound 
Multi-stage hi-fi audio circuit 
Multi-stage audio circuit, comparable to DAPs 
Anti-crosstalk through separate digital and analogue circuit boards 
Guarantees accuracy and preserves the dynamics of the original audio signal 
3-stage 10-rail power circuit design 
Stable power supply ensures consistently high audio quality 
Intuitive control via dot-matrix display 

Desktop mode, the next level 

Desktop mode has been continuously refined with the release of various products such as the portable yet desktop-capable M17, Q7, M15S, Q15 and KA13. And now the perfected desktop mode has found its way to the FiiO KA17. The FiiO KA17 has a special desktop mode that is activated via a special D.Mode switch. When you activate Desktop Mode, the FiiO KA17 automatically adjusts the DAC, the amplifier's power supply and the amplifier's output power to maximise its potential with a higher output power. 

Parallel output, big power boost 

With sufficient USB power supply input and desktop mode enabled, the FiiO KA17's four THX headphone amplifiers work together in parallel to achieve higher current and total output power. The result is an output power of up to 270 mW+270 mW for the single-ended output and up to 650 mW+650 mW for the balanced output. 

Two flagship ES9069Q DACs - Two cores power four paths, outstanding performance 

The FiiO KA17 utilises two of the new ESS ES9069Q flagship DACs based on fourth generation 32-bit HyperStream technology. These chips offer even higher performance, lower power consumption and less digital noise than previous generations. For absolutely unadulterated and pure audio reproduction. 

DNR: 130dB 
THD+N: -120dB 

Audiophile 16-core XMOS XU316 - outstanding performance 

The 16-core XMOS XU316 chip, which is rarely found in audio dongles, handles the USB tasks in the FiiO KA17. This chip is characterised by lower latency, more stable signal transmission and better compatibility than the commonly used USB control chip. In combination with two crystal oscillators, the KA17 is more than capable of processing various digital audio sources with different sampling rates. 

Completely new THX AAA 78+ headphone amplifier design - Compact and elegant, but with pure and refined sound 

The THX AAA 78 headphone amplifier has proven itself in the mid- to high-end M11 Pro and M11 Plus players. Now the even newer and improved THX AA 78+ is used in the FiiO KA17. 
Inside the KA17 are THX AAA 78+ headphone amplifiers with 8 operational amplifiers working in parallel in a fully balanced 4-channel configuration, which not only provide a higher output power but also a more detailed and realistic sound. 

Multi-stage hi-fi audio circuitry comparable to DAPs 

FiiO engineers have succeeded in adapting the audio circuitry of mid- to high-end digital audio players to the compact KA17. With its high-precision processing of digital audio signals thanks to dual crystal oscillator clocking and high-performance DAC converted to analogue signals by a robust analogue section consisting of LPF voltage amplification, BUF current expansion and headphone amplifiers working in parallel, you can be sure that the KA17 can reproduce the details and dynamics of your music just as well as a serious digital audio player. 

Separate digital and analogue boards, like yin and yang 

The digital and analogue parts of the audio circuitry in the FiiO KA17 are on completely separate boards, with each board fitted with a shielding cover for complete isolation. This ensures that the digital and analogue parts of the audio circuit do not interfere with each other, allowing precise processing of the audio signals. 

3-stage 10-rail power supply design - compact size on the outside, large design on the inside 

Inside the KA17 is a 3-stage, 3-main-rail power supply. The three main stages of the power supply consist of a first stage of filtering and overvoltage protection, a second stage of DC-DC step-up conversion and a third stage of LDO voltage stabilisation. This filtering of the electricity applies to each of the three main power supply rails, one each for the digital, the digital-to-analogue conversion and the analogue signal parts of the audio circuit. In addition, the power supply circuit is divided into ten smaller rails. The KA17's power supply is based on the same principles as desktop headphone amplifiers, providing a robust foundation for the KA17's excellent sound. 

Intuitive dot-matrix display control, one simple screen 

The FiiO KA17 features a 0.91-inch dot-matrix display that allows various functions to be displayed intuitively. In combination with the physical buttons, you can also easily adjust various settings such as screen orientation, filters and sleep timer. 

Independent Type-C power supply 

The KA17 has two USB Type-C ports. One is the typical port used to connect to other devices such as phones, tablets and computers. The orange-coloured port on the side is for use with an external power supply. When an external power supply is connected to this port, the KA17 can achieve higher output power and better performance without draining the battery of your phone or other connected device. 

Multiple protection systems, for worry-free listening 

The KA17 has temperature and DC current monitoring systems to ensure that both the device itself and the connected headphones are not damaged under abnormal conditions. You can also set a maximum volume level to prevent accidental hearing damage from music that is too loud. 

Two different colours, with matching leather case 

The KA17 is available in either black or blue. Each version comes with a colour-coordinated leather case to protect the device in style. 

Thought through to the smallest detail to enhance your experience 

Driver-free mode: UAC1. 0 mode available, just plug and play 
2 volume control curves: high and low gain volume curves to ensure a better experience with headphones of different impedances 
2 sets of volume control levels: 60- and 120-step volume control available, for finer or faster tuning 
Supports Android FIIO Control: APP Adjustable PEQ and other functions 
SPDIF output that turns into a digital jukebox: The 3.5mm headphone jack also supports SPDIF output, so you can connect external high-end DACs for even more flexibility and better sound quality. 
*SPDIF output supports 96kHz/32bit 


Colours: Black or Blue 
USB Chip: XMOS XU316 
DAC: ES9069Q*2 
Operational Amplifier: OPA1662*2 
Headphone Amplifier: Fully balanced THX AAA 78+ 
Maximum supported formats: Asynchronous 768kHz/32bit, DSD512, MQA full decoding USB DAC 
driverless mode: Supported 
Display: 0.91-inch dot matrix display 
Headphone outputs: Single-ended 3.5mm+balanced 4.4mm 
Dimensions: Approx. 64.0x27.7x12.7mm 
Weight: approx. 33.5g 
Output power 1: L+R≥270mW+270mW (32Ω/THD+N<1%/single-ended/desktop mode) 
Output power 2: L+R≥650mW+650mW (32Ω/THD+N<1%/symmetrical/desktop mode) 
Output power 3: L+R≥140mW+140mW (32Ω/THD+N<1%/unbalanced/non-desktop mode) 
Output power 4: L+R≥300mW+300mW(32Ω/THD+N<1%/ balanced/non-desktop mode) 
Output power 5: L+R≥30mW+30mW (300Ω/THD+N<1%/single-ended/desktop mode) 
Output power 6: L+R≥90mW+90mW (300Ω/THD+N<1%/ balanced/desktop mode) 
Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥126dB (A-weighted) 
Noise floor: PO<2μV(A-weighted); BAL<2.2μV(A-weighted) 
THD+N: <0.0004% (1kHz/32kΩ) 

Scope of delivery 

leatherette case*1 
dual type-C to OTG short data cable*1 
USB type A-C adapter*1 
USB plug cover*2 
quick start guide*1