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VISION EARS x Astell&Kern

Astell&Kern strives to provide the best sounds, not overlooking even the most minute differences in sound with ceaseless technological innovation and craftsmanship.
Based on this philosophy, Astell&Kern and Vision Ears joined forces to create AURA, leading to the best audio player and IEM.

Vision Ears is a premium German IEM brand established in 2013. It provides the highest-quality IEMs created based on its technological prowess and meticulous craftsmanship by hand, earning it recognition as a leader in the premium IEM market. These two companies at the forefront of the audio player and IEM market joined forces to develop a new IEM based on a profound respect for each other's values in terms of sound and their outstanding technological competences.
Astell&Kern and Vision Ears share the philosophy of craftsmanship in sound, and with this shared vision, we were able create an unrivaled IEM with outstanding sound quality, integrity, and design that all audio lovers dream of.

Introducing AURA by Vision Ears and Astell&Kern, completed with uncompromising design and unrivaled technology.
Don't just listen to music; immerse in it.

Precision Meets Emotion, AURA

AURA uses the best-quality drivers, materials, and meticulous design, creating unparalleled sound.
A total of 11 drivers enable overwhelming precision and offer perfect response and balance through the five-way crossover, while the delicate shell and mesh structure made from high-quality materials ensures that all components of AURA combine to create rich and natural sound.

AURA is design and performance in perfect harmony. Lose yourself in an enveloping sonic performance, where pace and precision meet a rich, natural sound.
Expertly crafted in Germany, AURA blends innovation, sophisticated styling and cutting-edge technology to create a listening experience like no other. Enjoy exquisite materials and peerless audio engineering – but most of all, enjoy your music.

“ I wanted to create a warm and enveloping IEM, with an analog but precise sound, with a very involving and faithful midrange, to which is added the contribution of a soft and delicate but at the same time extended high range. ”

- Oliver Marino, Sound Master at Vision Ears -

“ It is technologically extremely difficult for 11 driver units to clearly express each frequency range while maintaining a perfect balance.
AURA delicately tunes the five frequency ranges divided according to their unit characteristics based on the five-way crossover method to achieve a perfect balance.
In particular, with its ultra-high frequencies and balanced sound, it can even perfectly recreate hi-fi audio like Astell&Kern's SP3000. "

- Charlie, Sound Master at Astell&Kern -

Since 2013 Vision Ears is set out to develop the world’s most perfect In-Ear systems.
All our models are thoroughly crafted in Cologne, Germany. Blending outstanding performance with breathtaking design was always the driving force of Vision Ears.

The AURA is a perfect statement of this philosophy. The sophisticated yet elegant design was meticulously machined with highest level of precision and great attention to detail. A truly superior sound experience with luxury-like design.


Custom Designed 11-Drivers

2 x 8 mm Al-Mg Low Dynamic Drivers- [Sub-low & Low]

The 8-mm isobaric dynamic drivers offer powerful output and precision sound. Two 8-mm dynamic drivers handle the low and mid-low frequency ranges, offering tighter, more precise, and better tuned bass thanks to their exquisite design.

Eight Drivers: Two Sets of Four Balanced Armature Drivers- [Mid-low] [Mid] [Mid-high]

It comes with specially selected four mid-low balanced armature (BA) drivers and four mid and mid-high BA drivers with two pairs of dual BA drivers that combine to handle the mid and mid-high frequency range. The carefully selected eight BA drivers work together to create precision mid-range sound and produce warm and emotional male and female vocals.

1 Balanced Armature Super Tweeter- [High & Super High]

Balanced armature (BA) drivers designed with to maximize a sense of space and openness are utilized to create soft, delicate, yet expanded ultra-high-frequency sound that resonate richly in your ears.

5-Way Crossover 

The AURA technical configuration  is designed with a 1st grade crossover, meticulously manufactured in Germany. All components being well chosen for lowest tolerances possible on the market. AURA is using a 5-way crossover with a particular circuit solution that avoids an excessive load from the tweeter towards the source (amplifier), thus reducing distortion and extending the reproduction of high frequencies. Internal wiring is made with premium silver plated copper alloy wire for highest performance. 

Isobaric configuration with two dynamic drivers

Two 8mm dynamic drivers are placed facing each other in an isobaric configuration. As two drivers are placed facing each other and the sound is output from exactly between them, the constructive interference is maximized, effectively doubling the output volume. This, in turn, removes any phasing issues that may raise from the length difference between the sound tubes, reducing THD.
This design makes the low-frequency sound created by the dynamic drivers more accurate, solid, and vibrant.


The "special chamber" have a precise internal volume that has been calculated to get the best compromise between  driver speedness and musicality. The two DD Drivers are strictly matched to reduce any possible phase  incoherence which could lead to inaccurate transient reproduction.


AURA's open-structure design features a vacuum metal mesh that gleams elegantly on top. This special aluminum acoustic mesh circulates air from the dynamic driver to control the powerful resonating force, protecting internal components from external influences.

The cables that come with AURA are custom-made cables from Effect Audio that are specifically designed to deliver the overwhelming sounds of AURA.
The custom cables contain four wire components: two UP-OCC pure copper litz wires and two pure silver litz and pure copper litz hybrid wires to offer you the best sound performance.

On top of that, Effect Audio's EPO (Ergonomic Performance Optimization) technology is applied to offer outstanding flexibility for a more comfortable fit without affecting audio quality.


AZLA – SE1500 Eartips

100% medical-grade silicone helps the SE1500 to fit comfortably on your head and minimizes the possibility of skin irritation.
The straight internal structure is designed in a perfect line that guarantees that sound moves in a linear fashion, enhancing sound insulation performance and increasing the sense of space. A total of six eartips are included to offer you a comfortable fit and improved sound.


Leather Accessories Handcrafted from Smooth Calfskin Leather PABLO

The elegance of leather products is determined by the following factors.
Masterful leather craftsmanship, skilled tanning, high-quality hides, farms that prioritize animal welfare, and excellent grasslands.
AURA's leather accessories are made of leathers from the best tanneries in Europe.
Leather accessories for AURA are made from the highest-quality calfskins and are tanned by skilled craftsmen to imbue them with unique colors and gloss and guarantee excellent durability, along with a soft yet fine grainy texture.
These leather accessories transcend time with their elegance and earn the envy of other famous brands.


AURA is a masterpiece of design and engineering prowess, offering bold yet unique esthetics that represent the brand's philosophy of precision and innovation.

The front plate's CNC processing line is not just a visual design element but a functional part that optimizes the internal components to provide quality sound.
The matte gun metal-colored shell gives agile and modern vibes, and the warm bronze color on the faceplate with a slight gloss adds elegance and sophistication.
The curved grille on the front plate is a delicate yet striking detail.

The high-quality design featuring advanced technologies and esthetics represents the uncompromising spirit and design of Astell&Kern and Vision Ears, offering you a true piece of art that provides unrivaled experiences beyond the functionalities of IEMs as a music player.

  • Model


  • Driver

    8mm Al-Mg Low Dynamic Drivers in a Isobaric configuration x2
    Balanced Armature Drivers for the low mids x 4
    Balanced Armature Drivers for the mid&mid highs x 4
    Balanced Armature Driver for the super tweeter x 1

  • Cable

    0.78mm 2-pin
    Effect Audio Custom Selected Premium UP-OCC Pure Silver Litz and Pure Copper Litz Hybrid (4.4mm, 3.5mm)

  • Material


  • Frequency response 

    10 Hz - 24 kHz

  • SPL

    115dB @ 1kHz, 1mW

  • Impedance 

    10.5Ω @ 1kHz

  • Total Harmonic Distortion

    0.5% @ 1kHz


· Effect Audio Custom Cable (4.4mm, 3.5mm)
· Leather Carry Case
· Leather Earphone Pocket
· Leather Cable Clip
· Suede Cleaner
· 6 pairs of AZLA SE1500 Tips (SS / S / SM / M / ML / L)
· 4 pairs of Mesh Filters
· Quick Start Guide
· Warranty Card
· Serial Number Card