ALO Continental V5 - Demomodel

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Version Five in silver, Demomodel 8h Betrieb. Bestzustand

Newest generation of the Continental line is ALO´s best yet.
The took the most exciting elements of our favorite amp designs and combined them into a single portable high-fidelity personal amplifier.

Single Tube

At the center of the CV5 is a single new-old stock (NOS) 6111 vacuum tube.
Each of these tubes is individually soldered to a custom printed circuit board.  This provides mechanical isolation of each tube from unwanted microphonics.  It also provides a quick and easy solution to tube-rolling.  This is tube solution was first deployed in the Continental Dual Mono and now the introduced it to the CV5.

Hybrid Design

The CV5 is a “Vacuum Tube / Solid State Hybrid” amplifier.  It delivers the low output impedance, tight bass control and sonic detail you expect from amplifier (Rx) with the added spatial qualities and sonic lushness you’d expect from a vacuum tube based amplifier (CDM).
The 6111 vacuum tube is placed at the input stage of the CV5 running in Class A.  Since the 6111 is a dual triode, Left and Right channels share the same vacuum tube without issue.  The CV5 is class A tube input and class AB solid state output.

Machined Enclosure

The CV5 enclosure is machined from a single block of aluminum.  The markings are machined into the enclosure so that wear is not a concern during the life of the amplifier.   Machined ventilation holes allow the tube to breath easily and keeps the unit cool during normal operation.
Each amplifier is hand assembled and tested in our Portland, Oregon workshop.  Each unit is carefully inspected to assure you years of satisfied and reliable product ownership.

Size: 92.5mm (H) x 58mm (W) x 20mm (D)
  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 300kHz +/- 0.1dB
  • Input impedance: 110k (low gain) / 10k (high gain)
  • Output impedance: < 0.5 ohm
  • Gain (low): -10dB
  • Gain (high): +10dB
  • Output power (into 32 ohms): 325mW per channel, RMS
    Premium low ESR audio-grade power supply capacitors
    USB charger input (same as Rx) 5v
    High / Low gain switch (great for IEMs and full-size headphones)
    One 6111 dual triode tube, user changeable (tube rolling)
    16V power supply (+/- 8V)
    20-second mute circuit for tube warm-up (blue LED ON during warm up)
    Low output noise and microphonics
    Up to 9 hour play time
    Low voltage warning (flickering LED)
    Charging LED (Orange = charging, Green = charged)
    Charging time approximately 4 hours
    High-grade CNC billet aluminum enclosure with CNC machined markings

    Turn on the continental by rotating the volume / power knob clockwise until the power indicator light illuminates.
    Set your gain level; High for headphones and low for earphones.
    Connect your earphones or headphones to the amplifier with the volume at a low level.
    Once connected gradually increase the volume to find a comfortable listening level for you.
    Remember that prolonged listening sessions at high volumes can potentially damage your hearing.
    Please note that some IEMs may be too sensitive to be used with the cv5 safely.
    Charge time from a fully exhausted battery is approximately 4 hours to full.
    It is recommended to not listen and charge your cv5 while using the supplied power charger.
    If you require listening while also charging the amplifier, please charge your Cv5 via standard USB port from any computer.
    The CV5 uses a high-grade military NOS vacuum tube for amplification.
    This tube is sensitive to cell phone signals and TDMA noise.
    For critical listening please keep your cell phone in ‘airplane mode’ or move it away from the CV5 while listening.