Astell&Kern SR15 CASE

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Protection with optimal grip

The perfect complement to the geometric design of the player, the A&norma SR15 case embraces the unique elegance of the center rectangle display and the interconnected triangles of the body. It gives protection with optimal grip while maintaining a stylish look and luxurious feel.

Synt3 from milan

The material selected for this important role was created by Synt3, a world-class manufacturer of polyurethane located in Milan, Italy.

The diverse patterns and colors seen in the new brands developed by Synt3 are consistently regarded as new standards in the industry. Synt3's superb sense of design is always at the forefront of the industry.

  • General Specifications
    • Model

      SR15 Case

    • Material

      LASKINA® polyurethane fabric by Synt3. (Made in Italy)

    • Colors

      [Parigina] Crimsom Red, Neo Black / [Twill] Charcoal Gray