Brise Audio BSEP for IE600

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BriseAudio has released a replacement cable "BSEP for IE600" tuned exclusively for Sennheiser's wired earphone "IE600". Four types of plug shapes are available. 

 BSEP for IE600 is a dedicated replacement cable that has undergone original sound quality tuning to match the extended high range and solid low range that are characteristic of the earphone IE600.

 Among the company's re-cable lineup, it seems that it is a flexible cable using a highly flexible new wire material (= 4-core structure). Furthermore, in addition to anti-vibration construction, CNT (carbon nanotubes) and electromagnetic wave absorbing materials are combined to improve reproducibility of details.

 The plug is the original L-shaped terminal, and there are four types. The connector is an MMCX terminal compatible with IE600 (300/900). The cable length is 1.2m.

 In addition, by equipping the ear with titanium wire for shape memory, it is designed to maintain the shape around the ear without affecting the sound quality.