Brocksieper PhonoMax

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Our PhonoMax very quickly became well respected amongst vinyl fans. This extraordinary tube design is perfectly compatible with many pick-ups, MM or MC, as long as the output power is no less than 0.3mV. You can choose between output impedances of 200 Ohm, 500 Ohm, 1 kOhm and 47 kOhm.

And the sound? Simply magic. Why invest in more expensive phono amplifiers?

All tubes are hand selected and individually tested. Each unit undergoes a strict quality check and measurement, a 24 hours stress test and fine-tuning, prior to being shipped.


PhonoMax – one for all. Standard color black. Silver optional.

Technical data

Frequency response, RIAA: 20 – 20000Hz +/- 0,15dB
Distortion (THD): < 0,01% (RL > 10 kOhm) typ.
Crossover: better than-60dB/10 kHz
Noise distance: > 60dB
Signal to noise ratio: > 70dB
Output impedance: < 600Ohm (1kHz)
recommended input impance line stage: > 20 kOhm (optimal >50kOhm)
Power consumption: 14VA
Weight: 400g (amplifier), 500g (power box)