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The AOP Burson V6 ViVid is a evolutions of the V5 series with a particularly successful straight sound balance. They will bring openness, timbre, dynamics and sound image in three dimensions to any Hifi equipment compatible with DIP8 support compatible NE5534 single or NE5532 dual according to the versions.

A further improvement in design

The Burson V6 discrete AOPs are now as stable on the unity gain stage buffers as they are on the current voltage I/V stages of the DAC stages. The Burson v6 is now equipped with 0.5% metal film resistors and two hand-sorted FET stages. The VIVID version brings more definition.

Compatibility list

Dual OPA Type 5532 :

AD823, AD823AN, AD8066, AD8620, AD712, AD827, C4570, JRC4556AD, JRC4580, JRC5532, JRC5532D, JRC5534, LF353, LM4562, LME49860, LM833N, MUSES8920, NE5532, NEC4520, NEC4570, NJM2068D, NJM2114, NJM2214D, NJM4558, NJM4558D, NJM4560, NJM5532, NJM4558P, OP275, OPA1612, OPA2277PA, OPA2132, OPA2134, OPA2604, JRC4558, RC4558D, RC4558P, TL052, TL072, MUSES01, MUSES02, MUSES8820, MUSES8920, MUSES8832.

Single OPA Type 5534 :

NE5534, LT1122, TL071, OPA134, OPA627, AD811, AD829, AD844, OPA604, AD8610, AD711, AD797, LME49990, LME49710.


Technical characteristics

Product type OPA
Min required voltage +/-3.5V / 7VDC
Max voltage +/-16.5V / 33VDC
Consumption Single : 7mA
Dual : 14mA
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz (-0.2dB)
Contacts type DIP8, Gold plated
Weight 2x 10g
Dimensions 29 x 12.4 x 14.5mm (without socket)