Campfire Audio Honeydew

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Campfire Audio – Honeydew

Campfire Audio Honeydew Dynamic Sound with a full-bodied flair

Our all-new ABS earphone body combines the unrivaled cohesion of a single full-range dynamic driver with the comfort of our all-new compact Campfire Audio – Honeydew earphone body.

The performance of Campfire Audio Honeydew’s custom-built 10mm LCP diaphragm dynamic driver characterized by a reference-level bass response that is both quick and accurate. Honeydew provides explosive, precise bass for music producers and listeners that want snappy, detailed lows, and it does it on a wide soundstage that is clean and precise.

Maximum dynamic enjoyment throughout the whole frequency range

Honeydew is powered by a single full-range 10mm dynamic driver. We use dynamic drivers for their charm and richness, and this driver architecture is a great example of how to achieve such qualities.

Our acoustic chambers, which are uniquely 3D printed, used to further improve the sound of our earphones once the driver has been installed. Honeydew has a design DNA that is similar to that of Satsuma. In order to improve the performance of the full-range liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) diaphragm. The researchers used a 3D-printed acoustic chamber as well as a rear vent design to shape the frequency response curve.

Campfire Audio Honeydew also equipped with a miniature version of our trademark stainless steel spout. The reduced diameter aperture of Satsuma will let it suit more individuals more often, including ears that are notoriously difficult to fit. The improved comfort of the revised size is something that must be experienced and appreciated.

Shiny looks + a long-lasting finish

Our range of custom-fit in-ear monitors (IEMs) served as the inspiration for our all-new shell material. Silky and pleasant, this material used to provide a comfortable fit. It also stands up to the demands of a musician’s traveling schedule as well. Honeydew meets all of your needs in terms of lightness and comfort, just as Aatsuma does.

A classic cable, now even better

Honeydew comes with a lighter and refined version of our original ‘Smoky Litz’ cable, with a more streamlined design. Four silver-plated copper conductors used in our new ‘Smoky Lite’ cable. Which also includes our Custom Beryllium Copper MMCX connectors.

These extend the life of the component by thousands of pulls and guarantees. The connection you have on Day 1 will be the same as the connection you have years later. Our dedication to each earphone we design intended to provide a better ownership experience. The duration of the earphone’s useful life span.

A new case of Campfire Audio Honeydew

Campfire Audio Honeydew comes with a new carrying bag. Even smaller than our original case dimensions. It simply tucked away in your pocket, where it will keep your earbuds safe and within reach.




5Hz–18 kHz Frequency Response

94 dB SPL @ 1kHz: 17.68 mVrms

17.44 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance


Mellow Yellow ABS Body

Single Custom Full Range 10mm Dynamic Driver

Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) film diaphragm

Custom Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections

Stainless Steel Spout