Campfire Audio Orbit

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True Wireless by Campfire Audio.  Nicely Done.

Compact Case & Comfortable Design.

10mm LCP Dynamic Driver.  Sounds Good.

Dual High-Quality Built-in Microphones

Campfire Discoveries


The Daring and Amazing Adventures of Captain Francis Aristarchus

Now floating in total darkness, Captain Francis Aristarchus wished for light, and just like that, a soft morning glow revealed that he was tightly confined by a strange membrane.

He struggled with his arms and legs to escape, only to see that he was now floating in the center of a chamber the size of a stadium.  He wondered why he remained weightless; instantly, he stood on firm ground.  Hoping he had oxygen remaining to explore whatever this was, his spacesuit melted away and a suit of shimmering metal as soft and light as cotton replaced it.

When Aristarchus realized a sentience must be controlling this environment, his mind suddenly erupted in a cacophony of voices and images as his own memories reverberated against those of a thousand other species.  He gripped his temples and was alone again.  Upset at the unexpected psychic intrusion but curious about its origin, his ears were then fit snuggly with small earphone-like devices.  He now harmoniously perceived the expansive consciousness of the Cosmic Nudibranch intermingling with his own.

A spark of energy and he disappeared in ripples, reappearing alongside his former vessel with its airlock still open.  His head free of a helmet; looking down at Earth and up at this mysterious colossal entity, he wanted nothing more than to explore the universe.  And so began a long and fruitful friendship.

Decades later, the remarkable device that bonded Captain Aristarchus and the Cosmic Nudibranch was found to pair wirelessly with an exceptional range of human audio devices.

Campfire Discoveries #2: Day 1 – Inside the Nudibranch

Follow The Full Adventure Here

Frequency Response


Listening: Pop, R&B, EDM, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal, Podcast

Launch into a new Orbit

True Wireless from Campfire Audio

Orbit’s sonic presentation is big and bold.  Our custom, 10mm full-range dynamic driver delivers rich detail on a spacious sound stage.  The acoustic design of the driver chamber further refines Orbit’s performance.  This means the sound you enjoy is the sound we’ve created even before Orbit is wireless. 

By creating a fun and engaging earphone before adding wireless components, we can ensure that when Bluetooth® is the bridge between the earphone and the device, the sound reflects our original acoustic design.

Orbit is a wireless earphone created from the same approach we take to all our earphones, and that attention to detail is reflected in its acoustic performance.  The everyday convenience of true wireless is undeniable.  Now you can enjoy an earphone that sounds good too.

Streamlined Experience

Easy to Pair, Easy to Enjoy

We’ve carefully considered your first experience with Orbit.  However, the first unboxing can be exciting and distracting for anyone. 

Here is a simple approach we recommend :

  • Remove both earphones from the case
  • Remove the sticker tabs from each earphone
  • Return both earphones to the case and
  • Close the lid (Earphones and case are now synced)
  • Open the lid

Now ready to pair!

Long Lasting Fun!

There exactly when you need them.  Sonic Sanctuary awaits.

True Wireless earphones are good when they are charged and available.  Orbit last 8.5 hours, with 30 hours in the case.

Keep them in your jacket or desk.  They will be ready to go when you need them.

A cold walk home?  Orbit is there.  Does a spontaneous deadline appear?  Orbit is right there too.

Don’t sweat it too much.  If the battery is dead, a quick charge via USB-C or wireless charge will quickly get you back in the music.

True Wireless is about convenience, and Orbit does not disappoint.


5Hz–20 kHz Frequency Response

Bluetooth 5.2 with Bluetooth LE Support

Supported Codecs: SBC, AAC, AptX Adaptive

USB-C Wired Charging and Qi Compatible Wireless Charging Case

IXP5 Water Resistance Rating


Stainless Steel Spout

Golden Logo – Plated

Matte Finish Dual Tone ABS Body and Case

10mm Dynamic Drivers

Liquid Chrystal Polymer (LCP) Diaphragm