Campfire Dorado

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Dorado is a hybrid driver design;  Our 8.5mm beryllium PVD dynamic driver is paired with Dual BA drivers + TAEC and captured in a unique liquid metal alloy housing.

– 8.5mm Beryllium PVD Dynamic Driver
– Dual High-Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers
– Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber™ (TAEC)
– World’s First Liquid Alloy Metal Earphone Housing
– Premium Litz Wire cable; Silver-plated-Copper conductors

Sonic Synergy

The Dorado is a hybrid design that the offers the best of both worlds.

Integrating a custom 8.5mm beryllium PVD transducer into a Liquid Alloy Metal enclosure is a powerful combination.  Adding dual high-frequency drivers with our TAEC technology takes it over the top.

Dorado delivers a fun and dynamic sound–exceptional high-frequency extension, detailed mids, and deep, powerful bass response. A sound, free from grain and harshness.