FARAD Super3

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The Farad Super3 Power Supply is a double regulated 3A super capacitor linear power supply. With the latest of capacitor technology, it brings a great improvement to any system, when replacing SMPS, but also any other LPS. A Farad supply is the easy way to take the performance of your streamer, media-player, router, network switch, reference clock, modem, or other digital device to a higher level. Also connecting this linear power supply to your turntable, Phono stage, DAC or any other analogue device will give a significant improvement.

A Farad LPS is built for long durability at 24/7 operation with the best sounding A-brand parts inside. Read about the technical background of a Farad power supply 

The Super3 linear power supply is standardly delivered with a quad pole 18 AWG tin plated copper DC power cable of 50cm length terminated with a choice of 5.5/2.1 or 5.5/2.5 mm barrel connector. For an extra upgrade, different connectors and different lengths we offer our Level 1, Level 2 or Y-Split DC power cables. 

For a significantly better performance we recommend the HifiTuning Supreme3 silver/gold and Synergistic Research Orange fuses.  Any of these upgrades will be installed during build of your supply.

Please specify which Connector you need.

5.5/2.1 or 5.5/2.5 mm or this....

micro USB, 4 pin female XLR,  5 pin female XLR, 5 pin din

We will ship with no Power Cable