Final Audio B2

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Final  Audio B2

The Final Audio B2 is a high-resolution earphone with a delicate and nuanced sound, beautifully constructed and at a price that belies its superior quality.

Sound design for these models has been undertaken with attention to the relationship between spatial impression and dynamic range of music, and the physical characteristics of earphones and headphones.

Classical and jazz recordings are performed with emphasis on aspects of spaciousness, such as sense of distance, broadness and reverberation. On the other hand, rock, pops and many of the recent animation soundtrack recordings, spaciousness is not as highly emphasized. There is thought to be greater emphasis on clarity, which brings the various instruments and vocals to the front. Another aspect is dynamic range – in other words, changes in loudness over time. If the dynamic range is wide,  it is possible to use the change in loudness over time to achieve a more dynamic expression of music.

With regard to classical music, and that played by orchestra in particular, the spatial orientation of instruments is particularly important. Stringed instruments are positioned nearest to the audience with wind and percussion placed behind them. Should the balance between the spatial orientation and volume of each group of instruments collapse, the music would disintegrate. For that reason, uniform clarity of sound that allows each instrument to appear before the eyes of the listener is not demanded of this type of music. Even for classical music, a string quartet, for example, would have a narrow dynamic range and the clarity of each instrument would be more prominent. For rock and pops on the other hand, spaciousness is not as necessary as for classical music, and so there is greater emphasis on clarity than spaciousness.

The Feeling of a Customised Fit

Superior feeling of fit of an earphone is determined by the presence or lack of a feeling of pressure. Final Audio have designed an earphone with 2 holding positions and 1 supporting position to prevent slippage.  Much the same as a tripod, a stable fit can be secured for any chassis with 3 holding positions.

Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) stainless steel housing

MIM is a process by which powdered metal is mixed with a binder to form a resin in the desired shape and applying high-temperature sintering to achieve the desired form. There is a high degree of freedom in moulding the resin into the same shape as the cast, making it possible to achieve a complex internal design even with metal.

Balanced Armature driver

Employs one Balanced Armature (BA) driver.

MMCX Connector&Original OFC cable

The MMCX connector was developed in-company. A soft, flexible coated material has been employed. When using ear hooks also, it moves flexibly making for a good fit.

Product : Final Audio B2

Housing:  Stainless steel (gunmetal finish)

Driver: Single Balanced Armature

Connector: MMCX

Cable: OFC Black cable

Sensitivity: 109dB

Impedance:  41Ω

Weight: 32g

Cord length: 1.2m