Final B3

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Final B3

Configured for an intense and clear sound experience, Final have armed the B3 in-ear monitors with two dedicated balanced armature drivers that combine to provide an impressive sound stage with distinct clarity. Final B3 brings out even the most delicate sounds while retaining authority and control. Fitted with a high-quality silver-coated MMCX cable and serviceable housing, the Final B3 are a versatile earphone ready for action.

Final B3 have been tuned to deliver the fine details of the sound spectrum while retaining a broad and warm extension. With a single balanced armature driver exclusively devoted to the high-frequency range and one for the midrange and bass Final have achieved an impressively delicate and powerful sound combination.

Finished with a gorgeous frosted silver, the stainless steel housing of the B3 has been machined using a special metal injection moulding process. This allows Final to create a complex internal cavity that is purpose designed to create stellar sound. Final B3 are highly serviceable due to their two-piece separable construction and detachable MMCX cable.

Distinct Clarity
Final B3 has been designed with particular emphasis on clarity. It caters to those who wish to have the delicate sound of each musical instrument delivered gorgeously even from live recordings, and enjoy tight vocals from animated soundtracks and EDM.

Dual Drivers
B3 in-ear monitors have been equipped with two balanced armature drivers that share the load of frequencies without a network crossover. One driver is dedicated wholly to the treble extension, while one driver is in charge of the midrange and bass.

Stainless Steel Housing
Crafted from stainless steel with a metal injection moulding process the B3 offers a high degree of freedom in moulding the resin into the same shape as the cast This makes it possible to achieve a complex internal design even with metal. The front-rear two-piece separable construction makes the B3 easy to repair for a lifetime of use.

Detachable MMCX Cable
High-purity OFC silver coated cables used for the B3 provide a wide sound stage, while the
MMCX connectors developed by Final in-house make for easy replacement or upgrade. When using in conjunction with the ear hooks the cable moves flexibly for a comfortable and secure fit.


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