final LIFE STYLE series LS-3

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final LIFE STYLE series

A series in collaboration with STYLE CRAFT, a well-known bag brand that doesn’t compromise on its product craftsmanship.
The first stage of the LIFE STYLE series, a series in collaboration with STYLE CRAFT. This collaboration came about as a result of the staff of final falling in love with the quality of STYLE CRAFT bags; such a collaboration is a first for both brands.
The attention to detail regarding materials stays the same, while the functionality necessary for safely storing and carrying around the earphones, combined with aesthetic beauty, is achieved.

<About final LIFE STYLE series>
This is a series where we introduce items that contribute to peoples’ listening experience; in order that the products in the final LIFE STYLE series meet the need for ordinary articles for adult use that don’t just emphasize functionality, we didn’t just go for original in-house products, but sought to collaborate with a variety of brands and select shops.

This is a bag brand that focuses on using natural materials for its products. It was started by the designer Jiro Nanno. He has refused invitations to collaborate with other brands up until now, but he understands final’s approach to craftsmanship and agreed to collaborate with us.

LS-3 cowhide case
With this type, the cable can easily be stored and each housing can be stored separately. It is palm-sized and easy to carry around. It can also be used to store a small-sized player.

Material: cowhide
Size: W110mm x H85mm
For use with: all final earphones with the exception of Piano Forte X-VIII and Piano Forte X-VIII- T
Color variations: black / brown

Storage Method:
1.Open the case and place the cable in the pocket at the back
2.Insert the housings into the pockets in the center of the product
3.Pass the cables through the slit between the cable pocket and the housing pockets; fasten the button