Forza AudioWorks Symetrisches Kabel für OPPO PM3 & ALO 1,5m

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Copper Series HPC Mk2

This is where your journey to high end headphone cable starts – Copper Series HPC Mk2, the most popular Forza AudioWorks’ cable. Version: standard Copper Series Mk2 in AWG26. Copper Series Mk2 is as always FAW’s copper signature sound, UPOCC 7N copper in flexible PE, Litz geometry with anti-oxidation coating in a 100% EU handmade cable with affordable price tag. What would you like more?

Copper Series HPC Mk2 headphone cable is:

- Highest purity, 4 strands of 26AWG cryo 7N UPOCC copper in Litz geometry and PE insulation (no more green copper oxide on your wire!). Blend of the best materials available for superior sound experience and ergonomics.

- Mk2 design: Improved flexibility, anti-oxidation coating (no more green copper oxide on your wire!) and what is the most important - superior SQ

- Pleasant to use thanks to custom formulated PE insulation, 56 individual strands in 7 groups and Litz geometry. With addition of 4x1 braid it is the most flexible Forza AudioWorks headphone cable.

- 4x1 braid for EMI reduction without the need of bulky metal screening braid.

- Eye-catching transparent, braided cable design, finished with aluminum splitter covered in heat shrink with Forza AudioWorks logo.

- Built like a tank, 100% handmade in Poland with meticulous care and proudly covered by 2-year warranty.


Copper Series HPC Mk2
für Oppo PM-3
Insulation semi transparent black
1.5m balanced (AWG26)
ALO Balanced 4 Pin
Sleeve: none