Gradient Helsinki 1.5

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Gradient Helsinki is tailored to produce the most beautiful sound in all environments from home to lounge bars and hotel lobbies. These loudspeakers are easy to position and they deliver very open and wide sound stage everywhere to the room.
Gradient Helsinki utilizes Controlled Directivity, the very essence of unique Gradient loudspeaker design philosophy. By directing more of the speakers high frequencies and middle frequencies to the listener and less to the reflecting surfaces the listener hears more of the original recording and less of the room.


Radiation Patterns Bass: dipole   Midrange & treble: cardioid
Frequency Response 60-20000Hz +/-2dB, 35Hz -6dB
Impedance 6 Ohms, minimum 4 Ohms
Sensitivity 85dB/2.83V/1m
Recommended Amp power 50-250W
Drivers 1x300mm long throw woofer,
150mm pulp cone midrange,
19mm aluminum dome tweeter
Crossover frequencies 200Hz and 2200Hz
Connections Professional Speakon connector or
pair of binding posts
Features Bi-wiring, bi-amping ready
(Applicable when Speakon chosen)
Finish Oak, White oak, Black oak, Walnut.
White, Gray or Black modules.
Height 92cm
Weight 23kg