iBasso SR3

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Third time's a charm for iBasso Audio building reference open-back headphones. SR3's 150ohm impedance, carbon fibre diaphragm, tesla magnet and 4.4mm stock cable adapts to many modern audiophile sources, for flexible quality every way you listen.

SR3's carbon fibre diaphragm one-ups its iBasso predecessors' biocellulose units, with the stiffer large driver now combining a more pistonic motion at low frequencies with a material that is still self-damped up high.

Product Description

Its low modal break-up means that intermodulation is kept low, as SR3's driver continues to be kept under the control of magnet capable of one tesla. That iron-grip is important given the excursion iBasso's liquid silicone suspension is capable of.

SR3 is a low-distortion affair always, with its copper-clad aluminium wire voice coil kept thin and light by a 150ohm impedance. Inertia is low and SR3's driver reacts instantly to the smallest voltage impulses.

Indeed, it's a 150ohm load that's simultaneously easy to drive for any partnering amplifier, such that a tube amplifier mates comfortably with suitable damping factor and impedance matching. 

iBasso's flagship headphone comes terminated in 4.4mm also meaning many modern bridge-tied load outputs on music players won't grind their gears pushing into inordinately low impedances, small power supplies and output stages producing less in the way of distortion and noise as a result


Product Specifications

Driver Carbon fibre dynamic

Impedance 150ohms

Frequency response 3Hz-40kHz

Sensitivity 108dB SPL/1mW

Total harmonic distortion <1%@1kHz

Cables 1 x 4.4mm balanced w/ 6.35mm adapter