Lotoo PAW S2

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Successor to the widely acclaimedPAWS1, the PAW S2 comes with an increased complement of a ground-breaking newcircuit design,resultingly theperformanceachieved is awe-inspiring despite its diminutive size.

With the humble addition of the “Remote Control” function, the PAW S2 delivers an exceptional audio experience whatever you listen to and wherever you go, and perhaps most importantly, in the most user-friendly manner yet conceived.

Powered by the now legendary AKM4377 DAC chip and coupled with the full suite of Lotoo’s advanced audio technologies, PAW S2 has raised the bar again for the ever portable, compact, dongle-style USB DACs.

• Superior sound technologies encased in a rugged but sleek design
• High Resolution without high power consumption
• New “Remote Control” feature & New OTG Cables available in two different lengths (65mm & 800mm); can be paired with the belt-clip
• Potent enough to drive even demanding headphones
• 4.4 Balanced & 3.5 Single-Ended Dual Outputs
• MQA Certified

Main Features

Plug and Play
Without installing any drivers, the unique circuit design delivers Hi-Fi sound quality with less power consumption and without heat building-up

Multi-OS Supported
Support iOS, Android OS, Mac & Windows, Game Consoles (Xbox, PS5, Switch) and other Hi-res Music Players

Hassle-Free Remote Control
One-click for Play or Pause music
Double clicks for Next Song
Triple clicks for Previous Song

High-Performance and High DAC Chip Utilization
Lotoo’s engineering team have striven to extract every bit of the AKM4377 DAC chip’s capacity, leaving nothing wasted in order to ensure the highest possible performance from the class-leading hardware we use.

State-of-the-Art DAP Architecture
The PAW S2 is a music powerhouse in your pocket. Descending from the same lineage of the PAW DAPs (namely PAW Gold Touch and PAW6000), the prestige is insanely powerful.

Whats in the box.

Lotoo PAW S2, Clip, 2x USB-Cables, Documents