Metrum Acoustics HEX

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Metrum Flagship DAC is a continuation of the theme which began with the Quad. With the Metrum Octave we doubled the dacs over and above the Quad using a total of 8 high speed dac chip-sets, 4 per channel. The result was much improved resolution with lower noise and distortion.”
“For the Hex we have doubled the boards and improved upon these attributes even further. The Hex uses 16 of these industrial high speed dac-chipsets, 8 per channel and operates in full differential mode. In addition it has 1 x BNC coaxial, 1x RCA coaxial, 2 x optical, 1x USB and  1x AES/EBU input.”

Due to fully galvanic separation of these DAC boards, three toroidal transformers are used to feed the DAC boards, control logic and USB. Consequently, frequency response, distortion and channel separation are all improved.”As a result the dac sounds very close to real analogue.
Input sample rates possibilities extend further than the Octave too. All inputs will handle up to 24/192, except toslink which is held to a maximum of 24/96. Outputs are both balanced and single ended.
Working principle:


Output voltages

Frequency response:
Output impedance:
Sampling rate:

Nos dual mono dac. 8 Dacs pro channel in differential mode.
45 VA via 3 separated torodial transformers.
1x optical, 2x coaxial (1x BNC and 1x RCA).
1x AES/EBU and 1x USB
2x RCA Neutrik © cinch connectors. 2x XLR balanced output.
RCA : 2 Volts RMS.
XLR: 4 Volts RMS
1Hz - 20 khz -2.5 dB. 44.1 kHz sampling.
1Hz - 65 kHz - 3dB . 192 kHz sampling
0,03 % THD
-130 dB related to 2 Volt RMS
RCA 40 Ohm. XLR 80 Ohm
Optical 44 - 96 kHz sampling rate.
Coax and AES/EBU: 44 -192 kHz . USB 44 - 192kHz sampling rate
320 x 85 x 320 mm
5500 grams