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Headphone Amplifier DAC DSP Equalizer Microphone XMOS 32bit 192kHz DSD128

MiniDSP offers with its IL-DSP a combo that integrates DSP, DAC and headphone amplifier in a compact aluminium housing, allowing use at home or on the move. The DSP offers a flexible 10-band parametric equalizer, ideal for adapting sound reproduction to your listening experience. The IL-DSP also includes a microphone to answer calls received on your smartphone directly.

The IL-DSP's parametric equalizer is easily configured using the software provided by MiniDSP. Fully adjustable filters allow precise adjustment with a boost or cut-off of up to 16dB on each band.

In order to offer excellent audio performance, MiniDSP has chosen to integrate high quality components into the IL-DSP. A USB XMOS XCore200 interface and a 32bit CS43130 conversion and amplification chip provide a signal-to-noise ratio of 120dB and a THD+N of 0.0007% as well as a power of 30mW per channel. High sampling rates are also supported, up to 32bit 192kHz for PCM and up to DSD128.

In use, the IL-DSP is extremely intuitive. Input is made on Micro USB port and output on 3.5mm jack plug. 3 buttons allow you to access all the functions: adjust the volume level, skip to the next or previous track, pause or start playback and finally activate or not the DSP.

Technical characteristics

Product type Headphone amplifier, DSP and DAC
Amplification and conversion chip Cirrus Logic CS41130
USB Interface XMOS XCore200 asynchronous
Input 1x Micro USB
Output 1x Jack 3.5mm
Parametric EQ 10 band
Compatibility Windows
Android (OTG)
Integrated microphone
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz +/-0.05dB
20Hz - 96kHz @ 192k
SNR 120dB (32Ω, 1kHz, A-Weighted, digital in 0dB)
Power 2x 30W (32Ω, 1kHz, digital in 0dB)
THD+N 0.0007% (32Ω, 1kHz, 30mW + 30mW, mid gain)
Supported headphone impedance 16 - 600Ω
Supported sampling rates PCM up to 32bit 192kHz
DSD up to DSD128 (DSP not in use in DSD mode)
Housing material Aluminium
Dimensions 53 x 17 x 9mm
Weight 14.5g
Color Silver
Package 1x MiniDSP IL-DSP
1x USB-C to Micro USB cable 15cm
1x USB-C to Micro USB cable 70cm
1x USB-A to Micro USB cable 15cm