PHONON 4400 Mobile Hi-Fi phone

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We are excited to announce the 4400, an upgraded, even more user-friendly version of the 4000!

Carry the sound of the SMB-02, which has been highly praised in the professional audio world, with ease.

We listened to our customers and have re-tooled the 4000s:  The 4400s enjoy a sturdier build and an extended cable (from 1.5m to 1.8m).

Foldable and compact, the 4400 is the perfect mobile headphones to enjoy music on the move or as monitoring for DJing. Although compact in size and easy to carry, the 4400 uses the same 40mm driver as the SMB-02, carrying the unique tuning expertise of PHONON.  

Tuned by PHONON CEO and top mastering engineer in Japan, Isao Kumano, and with the unprecedented space definition and sense of speed that characterizes the PHONON sound, the 4400 is powerful!

The PHONON 4400 comes in 1 model (matte black)


Sound tuning by a mastering engineer

foldable perfect to carry

Large 40mm driver

Comes with an original pouch bag


Type: enclosed dynamic headphones

Driver: φ40

Impedance:  46Ω   

Maximum output sound level: 500mW

Playback frequency range: 20~22,000 Hz

Weight (including cable): 260g

Plug: φ3.5 old-plated screw-type stereo 2 way plug

Cable length: 1.8m (4 wires LR independent ground connection)