RAAL TI-1b, Ribbon/Amp Interface

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Transformer Ribbon/Amp Interface in Molded Box, includes: Cables (SC2 & ITI-XLR) and OB Compensation Barrels (XLR and RCA)

The TI-1b, Ribbon/Amp Interface

TI-1b At A Glance

The TI-1b provides impedance matching of our True Ribbon Headphones (0.2Ω) to headphone amplifiers having 2-watts to 6-watts of output power when driving 16Ω or 32Ω loads.

Higher powered amplifiers also work well with the TI-1b if, mindful attention to volume setting is observed and maintained.

Typical connection from the TI-1b to a headphone amplifier is made using our ITI-XLR (4-pin to 4-pin) cable.  For amplifiers having only a 6.3mm (tip, ring, sleeve) headphone connection, we offer our ITI-TRS cable.

When connecting to a 2-channel speaker amp, with binding post speaker outputs, we offer our ITI-BAN (banana) cable or our ITI-SPD (spade) cable.

Partial list of suitable headphone amps.

Please test for yourself (your mileage may vary).