Raal TI-1c Ribbon/Amp Interface

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Transformer Ribbon/Amp Interface in Molded Box, includes: SC2 and ITI-BAN / ITI-SPD Cables and OB Compensation Barrels (XLR and RCA)

Drive Your True-Ribbon Headphones With class-A, Single-Ended Triode Amps

The TI-1c, Ribbon/Amp Interface

The TI-1c provides impedance matching of our True-Ribbon headphones (0.2Ω) to low-power, class-A, single-ended triode amplifiers having output impedances of 4Ω or 8Ω, with as little as 3-watts of output power.

Examples of this type amp are often referred to, by the output tube type used in their design. Common types are: 300b, 2A3, PX25, 805, 811, 845, 211, 212.

Push-Pull tube amps also work well with the TI-1c, if their output impedance is 4Ω or 8Ω.

Output TransformerLess (OTL) tube amps, though often good sounding, typically don’t have the current available to drive the TI-1c (4Ω or 8Ω) or even the TI-1b (16Ω or 32Ω) as these amps expect to see much higher load impedances.