Sbooster Ultra MKII

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Sbooster Ultra MKII

The Sbooster Ultra MKII is designed as an additional upgrade for our BOTW P&P ECO MKI and MKII power supplies. The Sbooster Ultra MKII has to be connected directly to the Sbooster split-current module of the BOTW P&P ECO.

New features Ultra MKII:

  1. The innovative electronic design filters and optimizes the input power and is fine-tuned within the audible reach.
  2. The Ultra MKII circuit uses upgraded input and output buffers with a higher capacity and solid conductive polymer capacitors to lower the output ripple and to expand the bandwidth of the filter circuit.
  3. The transient response has improved 40-50% compared to the Ultra MKI by adding new parts and lowering the output impedance to a bare minimum. The output circuit is now equipped with an impedance correction filter to achieve improved performance over a wider bandwidth.
  4. Sbooster Decoy”: we all love to have our audio devices in the metal enclosures, but… also a lot of noise comes from the radiation of the used electronic components, which cannot escape from the metal enclosure and keeps on bouncing within the enclosure. How can you eliminate this noise? Via our innovative “electronic baiting container”! The “Sbooster Decoy” is integrated on the Ultra MKII to lure this unwanted noise out of the metal cage of the audio device.
  5. Star-ground design: the Ultra MKII is a star-ground design. Almost every component has its own dedicated ground connection. This makes the electronic design more stable and brings ease in the music.
  6. New designed input and output cables: the cables on the Ultra MKII have only one purpose: to pass on all the benefits of the BOTW P&P ECO and Ultra MKII design without any form of interference to the audio device. The input and output cables have high quality oxygen-free copper for the conductors and are double shielded. The interchangeable DC-connectors are equipped with custom-made gold-plated connector pins.

The Sbooster Ultra is designed for audio equipment that is sensitive to residual noise, such as digital to analog converters, music streamers, USB to SPDIF converters, headphone-, pre- and phono amplifiers. A must have for every audiophile!

To find out if your audio device is also suitable for the Sbooster Ultra upgrade, please check our compatibility list. You will find the compatibility list in the overview pages of the BOTW P&P ECO Voltages.

The Sbooster Ultra is based on active filter technique. The electronics of the Sbooster Ultra need power to operate. Therefore the BOTW P&P ECO power supply has to be set to a higher DC-output Voltage.


De Ultra MKII is available in 7 models. On the productpages and in the compatibility list you can discover the possible combinations:

  • 5V for the BOTW P&P ECO 5-6V
  • 9V for the BOTW P&P ECO 9-10V
  • 12V for the BOTW P&P ECO 12-13V
  • 15V for the BOTW P&P ECO 15-16V
  • 18V for the BOTW P&P MKII 18-19V