Sparkler Audio model S505 "Flügel" Power Amp + Volume Control

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model S505 "Flügel/Fluegel"
Power Amplifier with Volume Control

With an analog power supply with a margin, a mechanical attenuators, a high slew-rate amplifier by the fully discrete structure, we have developed back to the basics and newly designed pure analog power amplifier. For those who want a bit more power, this amplifier has 25 watt output. There is more precise expression power and dynamism, and it is characterized by full body sound quality. Besides conventional voltage-mode type (S505p/s), current-mode type (S505i) can be selected. If you combine with an optional input selector (model S506 "switchgirl"), you can also switch the music source.


Smart Size ― Easy to wiring from rear panel.

This amplifier has same size as our model S503 "spiral" CD Player/CD Transport. With the player and your speakers, you can enjoy high fidelity music sounds.

Monotone Finish ― We strictly enforced basic performance.

The "Flügel/Fluegel" means concert grand-piano in German, the top plate in 5mm thick acrylic, this model has gray-smoke monotone panel only.

Simple Front Panel ― Easy to operate.

Operation is the power switch and volume control only. If you combine with an optional input selector (model S506 "switchgirl"), you can also switch the music source. This power amplifier has enough gain to drive from CD player etc. without preamplifier.

No Habit Sound Quality ― Thoroughly eliminate the element that causes the stagnation of the music signal.

We deeply considered and serveyed about elements that cause a stagnation of the music signal. As a major factor, "bold and clumsy" connectors and terminals with too much conductor, metal plated wires, excessive amount of solder and so on. These by thoroughly eliminated, balanced of frequency range, there is no hysterical distorted voice with a feeling of a high-frequency range and electronic equipment smell incidental sound of habit, finished in a natural unprecedented "elegant" and "refined" sound quality.

Scalability of the Speaker Terminals ― Can be installed banana plug attachment adaptor.

From a sound quality, an ideal speaker terminal has as small metal parts as possible. This terminal system also supports traditional banana plug by optional adapter. As a result, including the tying of bare wire, Y type terminal, C type terminal, fine pin, banana plug, it can accommodate a variety of speaker cable.

Ultimate 25 watt ― Enough to enjoy music with full body sound.

Compared with small transistors, high power transistors tend to be unfocused and low resolution in sound character. By selecting high performance semiconductors, we developed this ultimate 25 watt amplifier. Incredible clear, sparkling and natural sound.

Sophisticated Internal Structure ― Fully discrete amplifier.

Amplifier section adopts a little configuration of simple amplifier stage as much as possible, was the highest priority on freshness of the sound more than anything. Sound quality with open and natural sounding and a sense of speed, you will forget the existence of the audio equipment.
Instead of the potentiometer, we also prepared a type with 23 steps mechanical attenuators.



  • Power Supply: Worldwide, depend on market (IEC 3 pin AC inlet), AC110~120V, AC220~240V (factory assembled)
  • Input Sources: RCA pin jack (unbalanced) ×1
  • Amplifier: Fully discrete 9 BJT, high slew-rate design
  • Voltage Gain: about 29dB (×28)
  • DC Offset: < 10mV
  • S/N: very quiet (under measurement limit)
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz~500kHz (-3dB)
  • Output Power: 2 × 25 watt, Original speaker terminals
  • Size: W300×H58×D204mm
  • Weight: 3.2kg (without power cable)
  • Accessories: power cable for IEC 3 pin AC inlet, alternate fuse, userʹs manual

model S505p ― for voltage-mode signaling

  • Volume Control: ALPS RK27 high quality volume control, impedance 20kΩ

model S505s ― for voltage-mode signaling

  • Volume Control: 23 steps mechanical attenuators, impedance 22kΩ

model S505i ― for current-mode signaling

  • Volume Control: 23 steps mechanical attenuators, impedance 0Ω

Top Pane

Monotone Panel

This model has gray-smoke top panel only.

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