STAX SR L-300 limited

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The SR-L300 Limited is a STAX 80th Anniversary edition. The structure and drivers share most of the features found in its successor SR-L700. Limited model in Black finished with a gold plaque. Limited to 800 units.


  • The "MLER" (Multi-Layer Elect Rode) ellipse sound element is equivalent to Lambda series top model SR-L700.
  • The “MLER” is a Stax's exclusive electrode structure that has been completed through the unification of metal plates using heat diffusion combination to attain minimum resonance characteristics.
  • Adjustable slide headband for a personalized fitting
  • New design wide bandwidth, high capacity OFC cable
  • Flat sound characteristics in a transparent presentation


  • Frequency response: 7 - 41,000 Hz
  • Capacitance: 110 pF (including cable)
  • Impedance: 145 kΩ / 10 kHz (including cable)
  • Sound pressure sensitivity: 101 dB / 100 V r.m.s.
  • Bias voltage: 580V DC
  • Cable: specially made 6-core low capacity OFC cable, length 2.5 m
  • Earpad: fine artificial leather
  • Weight: 486 g (including cable), about 360 g (without cable)
  • Body color: Black