TAGO Studio 「T3-01」

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Ultimate natural sound is what they are after.

The product is assumed to be used at recording studios by the sound experts. Naturally, the demand for quality will be extremely high.In order to recreate sounds put together by recording engineers and artists, ultimate natural sound is what they’re after.And the endurance that can stand long hours as well as wearability designed for user’s comfort.Persistence by employing exchangeable parts.Design and structure, as well as materials have been carefully chosen one by one, fulfilling all the demands of sound creators without compromising.

Beautiful woody texture, beautiful reverberation.
The distinctive wooden parts of the housing are made of maple wood from Japan. In order to make the most of the solid wood, the design conveys the original expression and natural warmth of maple. Maple is a wood often used for musical instruments, and it provides a natural sound that is faithful to the original sound, which is advantageous for monitor sound. The result is an unprecedentedly beautiful appearance and beautiful acoustics thanks to the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the materials.

Silk Protein Coating .
A high-performing φ40mm driver unit, which was specially developed for this product, has been installed in the driver unit. Silk protein coating, which is an outcome of collaborative research with Gunma Prefectural Textile Industrial Lab., has been employed for vibrating plates. This coating technique has been made possible by refining and dissolving traditional Gunma silk to fit the vibrating plates, which require a high set of skills. By combining traditional materials with a new idea, natural, beautiful and flexible sound quality has been realized.

Technical Data

Driver Φ40 mm
MASS approx. 321g(cables not included)

Type: Closed dynamic

Plug Φ3.5 mm Gold-plated stereo mini plug

Output sound pressure level 100 dB SPL/mW
Cables 1.8 m(Type-Y, Detachable)
Freq 5Hz ~ 40kHz
Max Input 1000 mW

Impedance 70Ω

What's in the Box

Headphone cables
Φ6.3 Standard plug adaptor
Carrying case
Instruction Manual