Vibex ONE 7R

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  • Vibex ONE 7
    Die Entdeckung, besser gesagt die spanische Entwicklung des "Kunststeins" KRION ist der nächste enorme Durchbruch, der zeigt, wie begrenzt andere Materialien einschließlich Aluminium in punkto Energie-Kontrolle und -Verteilung sind. In Kombination mit karbonimprägnierten Elastomeren schafft es KRION, sowohl die Klangqualität als auch die Ästhetik zu neuen Höhen zu führen.


IEC Input socket: Oyaide IEC320 with Rhodium plated contacts.

7 Outputs sockets: Vibex 2.0 micron Rhodium plated sockets in the One 7R

Maximum Power Consumption: 10 Amperes @ 230V. / 15 Amperes @ 115V. (limited by IEC320 input socket)

Internal wiring: 20 Ampere Silver plated OFC copper with extruded PTFE dielectric.

Non-conductive and non-magnetic solid Krion chassis.

No metal screws are used in the construction of the One 7R.

All connections are soldered using the highest quality solder available.

There are no connectors of any type employed in a One 7R.

All sockets have individual pocket elastomer damping to control and dissipate energy, avoiding cross-contamination between outputs.

Constrained layer critically damped chassis.

High tech Gel feet are employed to decouple the One 7R from the floor or rack. These are far more effective than the majority of spikes or cones in isolating the One 7R from its surroundings.