Vibex V3 Power Cord 1,5 Meter

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Vibex V3 High Current Power Cord (1.5m.)

The V3 is our latest (and greatest!) power cord.

The V3 employs the finest and purist stressfree OFC 7N copper for its conductors.

The V3 is screened against external R.F.I. and has mechanical energy absorption incorporated into its design.

The V3 employs Cardas Rhodium plated plugs and sockets.


Conductors: 7N Copper, 0.26mm X 100 strands X 2 (red and black); Ground: 4N5 copper 0.26mm X 100 strands X 1 (green)

Shield: Copper foil
Conductor Resistance: 2.9 mΩ/meter

Electrostatic capacitance: 13pF/meter

Maximum current: 50A/VCTF STandard