YAXI A2000Z/AD2000X Comfort Earpads

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YAXI A2000Z/AD2000X Comfort Earpads


They feature a good texture and comfortable fit that only Alcantara can offer and provide pure sound with a higher sense of direct. Also, the dark brown color brings more elegant image to A2000Z and AD2000X.

For A2000Z: It expresses high frequency which is a high sense of resolution, pitched sound, and gorgeous and shifted to a balance. A sense of groove is enhanced and improved to be a sound with a nice feel. You can enjoy lively singing voice by slightly increasing voice thickness of a vocal.

For AD2000X: It turns into a sound quality which sense of direct is improved like a sense of freshness is increased while maintaining the original and natural sense of spread and free tone. This sound will compare favorably with the latest open type of headphones and certainly demonstrate the ability.

Compatible Headphone Models: 

Audio Technica

ATH-AD500X / ATH-AD700X / ATH-AD900X /ATH-AD1000X 

ATH-AD2000X /ATH-A1000Z/ATH-A2000Z / ATH-W1000