YAXI Comfort TH900/610 Earpads

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YAXI Comfort TH900/610 Earpads

 TH900 Headphone with Alcantara Earpads

Alcantara let us see a new lease life of TH900. Perfect fit. Outstanding comfort. Warm and smooth sound.

 TH610 Headphone with Alcantara Earpads

The features of TH610 are all there, but the sound quality is improved. Also the wonderful supple feel of Alcantara is irresistible.

 TH900 Headphone with Leather Earpads

The high-quality sound of TH900 becomes even better and more expressive. Soft, comfortable and a definite upgrade over stock pads.

 TH610 Headphone with Leather Earpads

Still natural and realistic sound for monitoring. but upgraded to be clearer and brighter.

Compatible Headphone Models

FOSTEX TH900/TH610/TH900MKⅱ/TH600/TH500RP/TH-X00


*For HIFIMAN models,  special adapaters are needed(Also for sale).

DENON AT-D7000/AH-D5000/AH-D2000


E-MU Wooden Series