YAXI HD25 Comfort Earpads

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YAXI HD25 Comfort Earpads

The outer cup is made with durable, genuine protein leather, while the inner cup is made with Alcantara - a synthetic material also known as "ultra suede" in the automotive world.

Alcantara is a very soft material, yet moisture and heat resistant, and highly breathable. It still feels warm enough for colder weather, but does not become a soppy mess after a sweaty, hot day outdoors. You could wear your HD25's for hours on end with less fatigue, even while wearing glasses.

The inner cushioning also provides more isolation, blocking out more self-noise from blowing wind or headphone cable handling. Even running around the earpads still kept our HD25's hugging onto our ears.

YAXI HD25 Comfort Earpads combine pressure relief, functional and durability.

Pair Of A  Filters  Are Also Included.

Compatible Headphone Models: 

SENNHEISER HD25 / HD25 1-II / HD25 Amperior / HD25 ALUMINIUM / HD25 original for Addidas / HD25 SP / HD25 Light / HD25 plus

AIAIAI TMA-1 / TMA-2 / MB Quart PMB06 II 

Technica Audio ATH-ESW9 / ATH-ES7