YAXI HD25 typeB Earpads

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YAXI HD25 typeB Earpads

Yaxi Earpads For HD25 TypeB, Sewed By Hand, Thicker, Softer, Better And Comfier Than Stock EarpadHigh-Grade Protein Leather  Over 18Mm-Thick Slow Rebound Memory Foam That Curves And Contours To Your Individual Head Shape And Reduces Pressure On Your Ears. long time wearing, feel no pain.

It have been very popular in Japan among DJs, musicians and musical producers-the demanding professionals. We have the confidence that it will also amaze you.

Pair Of A  Filters  Are Also Included.

Compatible Headphone Models: 

SENNHEISER  HD25 /HD25 1-II / HD25 Amperior / HD25 ALUMINIUM/ HD25 Original For Addidas / HD25 SP / HD25 Light / HD25 Plus

AIAIAI  TMA-1 / TMA-2 / MB Quart PMB06 II

Technica Audio ATH-ESW9 / ATH-ES7