YAXI HD650 Earpads

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YAXI HD650 Earpads

YAXI Has Introduced A New Ear In Earpads With The Use Of  Alcantara , A Synthetic Suede Originating From Automotive Upholstery Designed To Be Both Comfortable And Hard-Wearing, A Perfect Material For Earpads Due To Its Supple Feel And Sweat Repellent Properties. The Contact Surfaces And . inner diameters are lined with Alcantara The outer diameters are lined with protein leather, which are beautifully plush and impeccably constructed; flawless stitched and smooth all around. 

HD650 Earpads  Offer A Hybrid Alcantara Construction, Considerably Expanded Internal Dimensions And A More Coherent Sound With Greater Bass Extension.It Achieves A New Level Of Balance Between Comfort And Sound And Caters To The Discerning Music Listener And Audiophile. A Pair Of Filters  Are Also Included . 

Compatible Headphone Models: 

Sennheiser HD650 / HD600 / HD660S / HD580 / HD565 / HD545 / 660S