YAXI K240 / K271 Earpads

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YAXI K240 / K271 Earpads

Change the sound of your headphone. More bass, wider soundstage, more stable and better balance.

1 Point : The Oval Inner Edge Entirely Covers Your Ear To Keep Out The Outside Sounds.

2 Point : The Orientation Of The Earpads Can Be Adjusted Along With Your Ears.

3 Point : The Good Closeness Of The Earpad Greatly Reduces The Sound Leakage.

4 Point : The Low-Consumed And High-Graded Leather Is Easy To Be Maintained And The Slow-Rebound Sponge Reduces The Pressure On The Ears For Long Hours Of Monitoring.

5 Point : The Combination Of Sponge And Plastic Plates Achieves A Comfortable Bass Sound.

Compatible Headphone Models: 

AKG K240MKII / K240 / K240studio / K270 / K271 / K271MKII / K280 / K290 / HSC-271 / HSD-271

Beyerdynamic DT770 / DT880 / DT990 / Custom One / T70 / T90 / T5p