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Not only does it expand the range of spatial sound experience first incepted with the auteur (now the “auteur classic”), through its shared biocellulose driver heritage, but it also introduces our Atrium Damping System which allows us full control over an open headphones’ soundscape. The grille and cup venting make for the most open headphone we have built to date.

The newly developed Atrium 300ohm Biocellulose driver features an evolved material configuration for lower THD and an optimized frequency response in an open backed headphone. The driver uses N52 magnets.

Biocellulose drivers have always captured my attention. Their innate ability to be dynamic, punchy, and weighty, while also retaining a lifelike timbre allows the listener to be fully immersed in the sonic landscape. The challenge in any driver design is to retain a proper frequency response while maximizing the sonic capabilities of the moving coil.  This is where the Atrium Damping System comes in. In approaching our new drivers’ development in concert with the new patent pending damping system, I realized that I could get everything I wanted out of the driver. Together they enable more ability to control the sound through the interspaced placement of the Atrium Damping System. Working on a new model is a constant process of adjustment and assessment. Shaping sound is a living art. We know that art to be a success when you put on a pair and its feels ‘just right.’

This release represents our first since the Verite Closed (circa 2019). It brings everything ZMF owners have loved about our existing open backed models and adds a new expression of our sound that ramps up the technicalities, spatial awareness, and enjoyment, while retaining the natural biocel timbre that headphone audiophiles dream of. We are excited to present to the community, the Atrium.



[ ey-tree-uhm ] // latin: Roman architectural term referring to a central or hearth room, typically with domed or otherwise pitched ceiling, centrally open to the sky allowing for the control of air.

Inspired by the architectural acoustic shaping of spaces, the Atrium Damping system allows us the ability to control the back-wave acoustic system by manipulating the spaces between, for a defined and satisfying listening experience.

Inspired by the grandiose acoustical awe built into gothic cathedrals, the grille of the Atrium serves both functional and aesthetic purpose. Pushing the tolerances of our machining we have produced the most open pattern yet in our line-up. Our design sought to emulate the Rose Window of the Amiens Cathedral. We hoped to borrow the gravitas of community sacred spaces and create instead a personal one.


  • Impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Driver: Biocellulose N52 Atrium Tuned Driverr
  • Weight: 490g ± 30g (aluminum chassis, black grille/rods)
  • Aged Copper adds approx 30g
  • Sensitivity: ~96dB/mW


  • Cherry Wood Atrium
  • ZMF Stock Braided Cable and OFC Cable
  • ZMF Universe Perforated Pads and 1 choice set
  • ZMF Owner's Card
  • Seahorse Case
  • Lifetime Driver Warranty